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Welcome to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast episode 32 where we talk about some big stories.

We first discuss the big corporate changes that happened at all the SeaWorld Parks.  Eric, Erin and Mike talk about jim Atchison's new role as Vice Chairman of the Board, the new appointments, what we can anticipate to see with a new CEO.  The USWP team also offers their sincere apologize to any of the 311 people who were laid off.  

Erin announces that the USWP will be holding a meet up on New Years Eve at SeaWorld Orlando.  Visit our Facebook page to learn details and RSVP

Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens conservation fund and shares a story about a wildlife triage center that is located here in America.

Erin brings us a new Animal Spotlight, where she talks about some amazing adapations that the Manatee has, and shares a story about a manatee that found itself in Texas.

Mike introduces a new segment called "SeaWorld Roundtable" where we talk about the book "Killing Keiko" by Mark Simmons and how we were all emotionally impacted by this story.  

In Episode 31 we welcome Mike Madsen back to the show after a short departure.  We then talk about Christmas at all 3 SeaWorld Parks

At SeaWorld Orlando we talk about Elmo's Christmas Wish, Sea of Trees, Shamu Christmas Miracles, Winter Wonderland on Ice, and Holiday Reflections.  Decorations, and family fun!

At SeaWorld San Antonio, you have a dolphin Christmas, Shamu Christmas Miracles, Snow World and a number of great family activities.

At SeaWorld San Diego you have a dolphin island christmas a brand new show, along with a number of other great christmas offerings!

SeaWorld is the place for Christmas for your family!

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SeaWorld Podcast 30 - Halloween and Howl-O-Scream

The SeaWorld Podcast is back to recap the Halloween events at all 3 SeaWorld Parks.  In October Seaworld held a family friendly Halloween Spooktacular event where families were able to trick-or-treat in the park, enjoy special live shows, and meet their favorite SeaWorld characters dressed up.

At SeaWorld Texas they hold a scary Howl-O-Scream event once the sun goes down.  Erin talks to SeaWorld Texas Director of Entertainment Brian Knowlton about the Howl-O-Scream event.

Erin then talks to Sr. SeaWorld Trainer Joe Miller about the ending of Clyde and Seamore Cannery Caper, and what guests can expect when the hilarious Sea Lions return next year with their friend O.P. Otter and Sir Winston Walrus.

We wrap up the show with a new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute with Kyle Kittleson and some general SeaWorld news. 

SeaWorld Podcast 29 - Project Blue World Coming to a SeaWorld Park Near You

Welcome back to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, where in this episode we talk about the amazing Project Blue World coming to SeaWorld, Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, which will be doubling the Killer Whale habitats size, and provinding all new enrichment activities. 

We welcome Cameron to the show who shares some great stories as a former SeaWorld camper.  

Erin shares with us an amazing conservation story about how SeaWorld has performed a first, articial insemination with penguins.

Eric shares a SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund story as he shares the story about Chouk the Elephant, who was given a second chance at life by SeaWorld, when they crafted a prosthetic leg for this elephant. 

Thank you for diving in to Episode 29 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast. 

SeaWorld Podcast 28 - Interview with Dr. Pamela Yochem of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

In this episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast we dive into the science behind SeaWorld, at the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.  

We talk to Dr. Pamela Yochem of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institue about the incredible research that she has been involved in at Seaworld, and how SeaWorld help develop the Dolphin Safe Tuna Nets that have gone on to save the lives of millions of dolphins in the wild.

She also shares stories about Hawaiin Monk Seal Research, Polar Bears, Seabass and more.  It is a truly incredible look into how SeaWorld is working to protect and save species around the world.

Then Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Minute about how Seaworld is working to save Whale Sharks in the Indian Ocean.

Then Kyle Kittleson brings us a brand new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute

And we finish it with an animal spotlight with Erin talking about penguins that live in South Africa.

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SeaWorld Podcast 27 - 4th of July at SeaWorld - Chris Bellows talks Belugas and more

The SeaWorld Podcast team is back with a brand new epiosde where we talk you to Seaworld Orlando where SeaWorld John talks about the amazing 4th of July Celebration that SeaWorld Orlando put on.  

Then SeaWorld Mike talks about what it was like taking his girls on Antarctica for the first time.  He also brings us a brand new SeaWorld Conservation Fund Spotlight

SeaWorld Blake reminds everyone that Summer Nights at SeaWorld will only last so long, so you need to make sure you see Shamu Celebration Light UP The Night NOW.

SeaWorld Austin takes us to San Antonio, where he updates us on all the animals and the latest park news.

Seaworld Erin brings us a new animal spotlight, along with other exciting news and rumos.

SeaWorld Eric talks about new boats, and other great news at all 3 SeaWorld Parks, and he sits down with Chris Bellows the VP of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld San Antonio to talk about Beluga Whales and the amazing Beluga Interaction Program in San Antonio.

All this along with a new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute with Kyle Kittleson.  So put on your wetsuit and dive in with us!

The SeaWorld Podcast crew is back with a whole new episode!  In this epsidoe we will take you on location at SeaWorld Orlando, where we talk to Animal Curator Kelly Flaherty Clark about the new Killer Whale show, Shamu Celebration: Light Up The Night, along with the new show Generation Nature.

After that we travel to SeaWorld San Antonio, where we talk to Chris Bellows, the VP of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld Texas about the amazing Sea Lion Animal Interaction Program, and why guests will love it!

Also learn why you need to visit, Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island at SeaWorld Orlando now, before it is gone forever.

Also we we share our official review of Shamu Celebration:Light Up The Night, and we have a new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute with Kyle Kittleson, a new Animal Spotlight with Erin, and a new SeaWorld Conservation Fund Spotlight with Mike.

So put on your wetsuite and dive in with us!

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SeaWorld Podcast Ep 25 - The SeaWorld San Antonio Review - Roa's Aviary and Superfan event

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that is true for this podcast episode.  This episode we travel to SeaWorld San Antonio as the SeaWorld podcast crew explores the brand new attraction Roa's Aviary at Aquatica San Antonio.

Mike talks with SeaWorld San Antonio VP of Zoological operations Chris Bellows as they talk about what makes this aviary special, and what special precautions SeaWorld took on to make sure the birds were safe and comfortable in their new home.

Erin talks to Dan Decker SeaWorld San Antonio park president about the amazing new Sea of Surprises and some of the new shows at SeaWorld Texas for the 50th Celebration. 

Eric talks with Kaitlyn Goudge about the new Aquatica Dream Suite at the Omni Colonnade and how she came up with the design, and why kids of all ages will love it!

Then we introduce a brand new SeaWorld San Antonio segment with SeaWorld superfan Austin!  Then we have a new Busch Gardens update from our friends at

Then Mike brings us a new Seaworld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Spotlight, and Erin brings us a new animal spotlight on Beluga Whales. 

We also reccap the amazing Super Fan event that happened at SeaWorld Texas, and we all share our feelings about how we fell in love with that amazing park! 

So put on your wetsuit and dive in, and enjoy this brand new episode of the unofficial SeaWorld podcast! 

Welcome to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 24! In this episode we are thrilled to debut our Pre San Antonio SuperFan meetup show! We travel to Orlando for the grand opening of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at SeaWorld Orlando, and talk to SeaWorld VP of Marketing Toni Caracciola and VP of Aquatica Orlando Bryan Nadeau about this new attraction, and what guests can expect. We also preview our SeaWorld San Antonio super-fan event, along with news of new parks and Orcas ages. Erin also brings us a new Animal Spotlight on Sea Lions and the story of the Bonneville Dam. So put on your wetsuit and let’s dive in!

SeaWorld Podcast - 2014 Summer Preview of new attractions rides and shows

We are back with another SeaWorld Podcast!  Eric, Mike and Erin talk about all the new attactions opening at SeaWorld Parks this summer!

We travel to Aquatica Orlando and talk about Ihu's Breakway Falls, and the new vests Killer Whale Trainers get to wear!


Then we travel to Busch Gardens Tampa to talk about Pantopia, and Falcon's Fury which is about to open and will soon be terrfying guests and podcasters alike!   We also hear from our friends at about the latest in park news.


Then we travel to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA where we learn more about the new show London Rocks and the giant water slide coming!


Then we travel to SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio to talk to Assistant Animal Currator Chuck Cureau about Roa's Aviary, new addtionsl to the park, and the new 50th Ski Show. 


Then we visit Aquatica in San Diego and talk about the new water slide coming there, Explorer's Reef and the 50th offerings already happening!

Then we cap it off with talking about Shamu Celebration: Light Up The Night

Erin then sits down with seaWorld Superfan Mary aka @MaryEddy98 on twitter about why she loves SeaWorld!

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SeaWorld Podcast Ep 22 - Interview with Chuck Cureau and a review of the Dream Big 5k

Welcome to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 22!  We have a sea of surprises to share with you this episode!


First, we have a special interview with assistant Animal Curator at SeaWorld Texas Chuck Cureau and Erin brings us a new SeaWorld Superfan interview with Sam aka @samanthabeall on twitter.


We also travel to Orlando as we travel to the Dawn Brancheau Dream Big 5k, and we have an interview with Tom Loverde the President of The Dawn Brancheau Foundation and Ms. Dawn’s brother along with our in park review of the 5K.


All this plus a new SeaWorld Conservation Fund Spotlight, a brand new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute, as well as in park news and updates... so put on your wetsuit and let’s dive in!

March into April with episode 21 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast! We have a sea of surprises to share with you! Erin is back with a special Animal Spotlight, and we also have brand new Marine Mammal Trainer Segment, and a new Busch Gardens Minute. We have a recap on our incredible SuperFan meet up at SeaWorld San Diego for the 50th anniversary, news on our SuperFan meetup for May 2014 in San Antonio, and we also have awesome interviews with Brian Morrow about Explorers Reef, Mike Price the assistant curator of fishes at SeaWorld San Diego, and Bill Shedd the son of Milton Shedd the founder of SeaWorld. So put on your snorkel and mask and let's swim on in.

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Have a Whale of a Day!

SeaWorld Podcast Ep 20 - Interviews with Bindi Irwin Julie Scardina and Tim Morrow

The Unofficial Seaworld Podcast team is back with an amazing episode with 3 incredible interviews!  In this episode we talk to SeaWorld's new Youth Ambassador Bindi Irwin about her new along with what kids will be able to do with Generation Nature, and SeaWorld Kids.

We also talk to SeaWorld Animal Ambassador and corporate curator Julie Scardina about her amazing role at SeaWorld, and how SeaWorld is working around the globe on animal conservation to help conserve and preserve wildlife and wild places.

Erin talks with Aquatica San Antonio Vice President Tim Morrow about the new aviary coming to Aquatica, what the guest experience will be, and what guests can expect when it opens this May.

Mike also shares information about Super Fan meets up in San Diego and San Antonio, and we also announce a winner to our contest announced in the last episode.

So get ready to have you mind blown, as you listen to the latest episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast with your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin.

We have a big episode for you!  The Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast team is getting ready for the big 50th meet up at SeaWorld San Diego where you can join them on March 22nd.  Get your tickets now to the 50th meet up!

Mike introduces us to Frank Todd who is the man who wrote the book on penguin care for SeaWorld and the world!  This interview is not to be missed!  Frank Todd is our new hero!

Eric takes you on location to Aqutica in Orlando where he talks to Bryan Nadeu the VP of Aquatica and gets more details on Ihu's Breakaway Falls

Then Erin takes you to San Antonio where she was onsite getting a tour of the new Aviary coming to Aquatica San Antonio

Kyle Kitlteson is back with a new Marine Mammal Trainer Minute where he talks about positive reinforcement, and how you can use it in your daily life! are back with a new Busch Gardens Minute where they let us know when Falcons Fury is going to open.

Erin then finishes the show with a super fan interview with John McKinney @JohnM93 on twitter, where he shares his first SeaWorld memory and why he loves SeaWorld.

We also introduce a new contest to win 4 FREE Aquatica Orlando Tickets!  email us at or call us and leave us a voicemail message at 530-289-6722 or tweet at us @SeaWorldPodcast until March 14th why you love SeaWorld to be entered into a drawing to win 4 FREE Aquatica Orlando Tickets!

Have a Whale of a Day!

SeaWorld Podcast Episode 18 - Interviews with Jim Atchinson and Pedro talks about SeaWorld Animal Rescues

Episode 18 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast is jam packed from beginning to end with amazing SeaWorld news from your favorite SeaWorld Parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.

On March 22nd, 2014 MiceChat and the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast will be holding a 50th meet up, that will be the event of the year!  You can book online at 


Eric talks to SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchinson about the Polar Plunge that happened at Aquatica in Orlando, then Eric talks to Bryan Nadeu the VP of Aquatica. 

We also bring back the Busch Gardens Minute where we get an update on the park from and then Erin shares her story about being stuck on Cheetah Hunt.

Mike sits down to talk to Pedro who is in charge o Animal Care at SeaWorld Orlando, and is also on the hit TV Show SeaRescue.  Pedro shares some amazing animal rescue stories.

Erin sits down with Seaworld Superfan Drew aka @FlyingSeaLion on twitter to talk about why he loves SeaWorld.

We also invite anyone who has been bullied online to please email the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast for help at or call us at 530-289-6722


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SeaWorld Podcast Episode 17 - Interview with Cathy Valeriano and Bands Brews and BBQ

Welcome to episode 17 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast! This episode we’re going to talk about the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics, heartwarming Manatee Rescues, the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Conservation spotlight and much more!

Erin brings us a special Superfan interview, and Eric sits down with Cathy Valeriano to talk about the amazing food coming to Bands Brews and BBQ at SeaWorld Orlando. We are also going to recap Wild Days, hear from the amazing Kyle Kittleson with the latest Marine Mammal Trainer Minute, talk about some record crowds at SeaWorld and we share an interesting rumor or two of what is coming. So put on your wetsuit and let’s dive in!

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SeaWorld Podcast Episode 16 - BlackFish Exposed and the Painted Dogs of Africa with Clay Carbajal

Welcome to episode 16 the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast! We have had an incredible year, and we are thrilled to be celebrating one year. Last year we started out as a brand new show, with no friends or followers, and here we are today, breaking global news, talking to SeaWorld trainers, and bringing the podcast to thousands of people every month. We have been humbled by how the show has grown over the past 12 months, and we are hopeful, that we will continue to grow,with participation from you, our fans.

In this episode we go over the year in review, revisiting all the stories and interviews we’ve covered over the past year. This episode also sees the launch of an awesome new segment that features the famous Kyle Kittleson, and the continuation of the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Spotlight when we sit down and talk to SeaWorld San Antonio Animal Ambassador Clay Carbajal about his trip to Africa to learn about the Painted Dogs. We also comment on Blackfish failing to get the nomination for the Academy Award, and the latest article on featuring an interview with Mark Simmons

So put on your flippers and floaties and let’s dive into episode 16 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast!

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